Governance and Ethics

​Ethics policy

Merchants is committed to ethical and lawful business conduct in all countries in which it operates. We believe that an integrated approach to governance, ethics, risk and compliance strengthens our values and promotes our objectives as a responsible business. 
All business dealings are carried out with transparency and integrity. We encourage our employees to uphold our principles, values and ethics policy. We provide guidelines to explain what is expected of every person who works for Merchants, irrespective of where we do business. 
Merchants’ practice of responsible corporate behaviour includes:

compliance with all laws and regulations
zero tolerance for corrupt or illegal practices
an anti-bribery and corruption policy which states that bribes and other illicit payments may not be paid or accepted 
maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information
not participating in any conduct that constitutes anti-competitive behaviour
not permitting directors or employees to engage in business on behalf of Merchants with organisations in which they have a material interest, without full disclosure
a policy which specifies the acceptance of business gifts and hospitality 

Dimension Data’s Group Ethics and Compliance Committee reports to the Audit Committee on all aspects of the Group’s compliance with relevant laws, regulations, external policies, as well as with its own internal policies and procedures for ethical business practices. Our Compliance office manages an ethics and compliance programme which provides guidance on business conduct and ethics, and conducts periodic compliance reviews. 


Merchants is committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. 
Our whistleblowing policy states that employees and other stakeholders may address any concerns about the Group’s business practices, through appropriate channels, to the highest level within the organisation. Employees may voice their concerns in a responsible and effective way, without fear of reprisal. 
The policy deals with specific and serious concerns, which are dealt with at a high level within the organisation and may include:

an unlawful civil or criminal offence
failure to comply with statutory obligations or requirements
financial or non-financial mismanagement, fraud and corruption (including bribery)
a risk (including a potential risk) to health and safety of any individual
environmental damage
improper conduct or unethical behaviour
attempts to conceal or suppress information relating to the above

We have also set out procedures for registering material irregularities and legitimate concerns, independently of line management if necessary, should serious misconduct be suspected. 

Disclosures made without malice and in good faith are confidential, as is the identity of the whistleblower. 

Sustainable procurement policy

  1. Merchants will strive to provide competitive opportunities with fairness to both domestic and foreign suppliers, and to build mutual trust and understanding.
  2. Merchants will conduct economically rational procurement of competitive goods and services that meet its business needs, deciding suppliers based on quality, price, delivery times, stable supply in a comprehensive manner.
  3. Merchants will conduct procurement in a manner that follows laws and regulations as well as social norms, and takes the environment, human rights and other issues into account to contribute to society.​​